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What About Virginia Small Business Assist is Different from other Business Consultants..?
Since we began, our first priority has been to provide Virginia Small Business Owners with services that keep small businesses in compliance with local, state and federal business requirements. Our services are very specific to your unique business needs.

All of our services provide our clients with very cost-effective tools and support to grow or to enhance their business by providing them with resources usually only found in “Big Business”.

Virginia Small Business Assist is…
  • A cost-conscious, independent business, just like yours… Not a large and expensive corporate consulting firm.
  • A certified Virginia Small Business and have been Virginia Business Owners and Operators since 1991.
  • Experienced and aware of the “Big Impact” that is in the “Little Details” of running a small business.
“This is not just different… This is better!”

Business Compliance Survey & Evaluation
Administrative, Safety and Environmental Compliance Programs
Business Performance Enhancement
Sales & Business Development Representation
Facility Support Services