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Business Compliance Survey & Evaluation
​Every day, businesses in Virginia needlessly spend money on penalties and fines for not complying with local. state and federal agencies and their requirements.

Our comprehensive Business Compliance Survey & Evaluation identifies and corrects issues so that you avoid paying additional money to regulatory agencies for non-compliance.
Business Services Provided
Virginia Small Business Assist provides businesses with Administrative, Safety and Environmental Compliance Support and Evaluation Services – Business Performance Enhancement  – Sales & Business Development Representation - Facility Support Services
Administrative, Safety and Environmental Compliance Programs
​Our Administrative, Safety and Environmental Compliance and training programs keep you in compliance full-time, without adding compliance personnel to your staff.

Stay in full-time compliance at a fraction of the cost of a full-time Compliance Manager.
Business Performance Enhancement
​We help you to refine and enhance your business by helping you with strategic planning and taking decisive action to achieve sustainable results. We continue working with your business to execute your vision.
Sales & Business Development Representation
​Working for you as an Independent Sales Representative, we help to grow your sales and develop your business through exposing your products and services - expanding your sales territories - developing new customers you may have been unable to sell to in the past - reducing your expenses on advertising and employee benefits.
Facility Support Services
​Your Employees and Customers want a safe and environmentally sound place to do business in and to do business with.

To keep your business looking great, while keeping it safe and clean, we provide services including - Building and Facility Cleaning and Janitorial Services - Grounds Maintenance and Landscaping - Restroom Supply - Entrance and Anti-Fatigue Mats - Employee Uniform and Branded Wear -Linen Supply
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Business Continuity and Contingency Planning
​An Assessment to help your company to be prepared for the unexpected critical situations that could slow or stop a business.

We develop detailed plans for every specific aspect of your business to limit the impact. Your team is ready and your business operations continue running.